Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Raiders of the Wobbly Bassline" Fidget House (2008)

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Indiana Jones intro
Jesse Rose – "A-Sided" – Dubsided
Bryan Cox – "Go to Work" (Andy George & Jakz remix) – Crux
Clark Able – "Lemonhead" (HiJack remix) – CDR
Sawtooth Sucka – "Backing Town" (Scott Coopers 'Back in the Rave' remix) – Wearhouse
HiJack – "Out There" – CDR
CJ Boland – "Sugar is Sweeter" (Twocker remix) - CJB 1
DJ Kue – "Don't Get High (off your own supply)" – CDR
Sawtooth Sucka – "Depressed Mode" – Wearhouse
Randy Brusseto, JR From Dallas – "Jazz Ghetto City" (Lee Mortimer remix) – Union
Boyz Noize – "Oh!" (A-track remix) – Boyz Noize Records
Crookers – "Knobbers" – Southern Fried
Steed Lord – "Dirty Mutherfucker" (Crookers remix) – Dirty Mutha
HiJack – "Possessed" – Potty Mouth
Riva Starr – "House music" – Southern Fried
Buy Now – "Body Crash" – La mode
Aston Shuffle - "For Everyone" (Stupid Fresh remix) – Hussle
DJ Mehdi – "I am Somebody" (Switch remix) - Ed-Banger
Soulwax – "NY Lipps" (Kawazaki dub) - Pias
Streetlife DJs – "Gunn Crime" (Streetlife Soundsystem mix) - Kitsune

Served up and reviewed on DJ ZeroAlpha "Jack to the Future Blog"

"Here's a mix that's been in heavy rotation on my iRiver for the last week. It's straight up fidget madness served up by Washington, DC's Mojo Jones. I like ths one because it takes the spirit of a good Friday night out with your friends getting drunk and compresses it into a hour of stuttered samples, speaker-busting bass-lines, and the mixes tighter than your dad's wallet when you would ask him for money to go to the movies." – DJ ZeroAlpha, Jack to the Future, Philly

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